DJI Mavic Pro Tutorial: In this video, watch as the team from Mango Street share a few very handy tips to take your drone photography to the next level.

Another excellent tutorial by the Mango Street team, this time they share a few handy tips for Drone Photography – specifically on the DJI Mavic Pro. If you’ve just started in Drone Photography, this is definitely one to watch. The team shares everything from best practice settings (including why those settings and how to get there), composition tips, all the way to auto stacking images and photo merge in Lightroom for the best dynamic range. All and all, this will get you on your way to exceptional drone photography.

Tips in Short:

1. Time and Location.
2. Settings.
3. Editing.

By now you should be quite familiar with the Mango Street team and their YouTube channel, if not – where have you been? No seriously, these guys are creating some great content, so head on over and be sure to hit subscribe while you’re there. You can also follow them on Instagram, at @rachelgulotta and @danielinskeep.

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