Ten helpful and inspirational tips on how to become a better photographer, shared by Norwegian photographer Erik Almas.

Norwegian commercial photographer Erik Almas has recorded this great video in which he sharers helpful and inspirational advice for photographers. We urge you to take five minutes and listen to his tips:

If you’re on mobile, or can’t watch the video right now, then here’s a summary of Erik’s advice:

  1. “Define to yourself what you are drawn to visually. Become aware of your identity and photographic DNA.”
  2. “See and understand light. Understand your photographic tools: technical, visual and emotional.”
  3. “Seek a mentor. Study the photographers before you and learn from the old masters.”
  4. “Make rather than take. Create imagery.”
  5. “Connect with the place or person you are photographing. Find and emotional as well as visual perspective.”
  6. “Set goals and pursue them with tenacity. If these goals do not intimidate you, make new ones that do.”
  7. “Shoot, shoot, shoot! Taking pictures is like lifting weights; you won’t get better, stronger or see progress unless you go to the gym every day. Exercise that creative muscle.”
  8. “Use Photoshop to infuse personality to pixels. Convey feel and mood rather than technique.”
  9. “Define the potential audience of your images, and market yourself to this audience.”
  10. “And more important than anything: Don’t give up on your dream of becoming a photographer. It will take longer to get there than you think.

Very straightforward, but sound advice for both photographers and enthusiasts. If you are unfamiliar with Erik’s work, take a look at his superb photographs over on his website.

Via PetaPixel.

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Ten Tips On How To Be A Better Photographer

  1. I would highly recommend buying his DVD. He speaks so much about everything around the photographic thought process. It totally changed how I do things from now on. One of the best photography DVD’s I’ve ever watched… and I’ve seen many.

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