Time-lapse photographer Milton Tan is back with a sequel to his brilliant The Air Traffic film, this time getting even closer!

Last year, we shared Singaporean photographer Milton Tan‘s amazing The Air Traffic film, focussing on aircraft taking off and landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport during misty weather.

Now he’s back with a sequel, and this time he got even closer to the aircraft, shooting from within restricted areas of the airport! Take a look:

In the description, he states: “I was so close to the planes that my cameras literally got shaken by the rumbles from the jet engines. It was a thrilling experience as you don’t usually get to enter the restricted runway area, let alone shoot in it. Even after doing this the second time, I’m still amazed at the results of time-lapsing airplanes flying at night.”

Read more about the shoot and see behind-the-scenes shots over on Milton’s blog.