Kyle Mijlof has spent the last 18 months traveling through Africa, the Middle-East and Europe. This week’s post features Namibia.

Here is the next collection of photographs from travel photographer Kyle Mijlof, appropriately titled The Namibian Skyline. Last week, we shared his night photographs from the western desert of Egypt.

About the photographer: While studying, Kyle experimented with live band photography, which progressed to magazine cover shoots and ultimately a job as a night life photographer. After graduating from a sound design course at AFDA Film School, Kyle spent his savings on a Canon 5D Mark II and set off on his amazing photographic journey.

(Unfortunately, these were some of the last photographs that Kyle managed to capture before his camera was stolen!)

All photographs © Kyle Mijlof


The Namibian Skyline By Kyle Mijlof

    1. With long exposures at night, your light source and subject is always moving and therefore sharpness is reduced as exposure time increases. It can be done, but perhaps the point of this series wasn’t to have everything sharp. Perhaps Kyle can answer?

  1. Lovely shots!  Well done, Kyle.  I recently had my whole camera bag stolen whilst travelling too – trying to get stuff together again.  Really cr@ppy thing to have happen.  Hope you get sorted soon.

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