Presenting the #OrmsImpossible Competition. Share your Instagram photos with us and you could win an Impossible Instant Lab!

Introducing the #OrmsImpossible Instagram Competition: Show us your best photos on Instagram, and you could win an Impossible Instant Lab worth R2,995!

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Who doesn’t love instant photography? Capturing snapshots of friends and family and anything that your eye finds interesting is extremely fun. That’s not to say that we don’t appreciate finding the ideal light setup for a studio portrait or shooting a perfectly framed landscape, but there is a certain joy in just snapping away and being surprised by happy accidents. Read Matt Morris’ article, The Joys Of Instant Photography, where he compares the feeling of shooting instant film with Instagram.

The Competition

We want you to share your best Instagram photos with us! To do this, mention the @OrmsDirect Instagram account in your description or comments and include the #OrmsImpossible hashtag when you share your Instagram photos. We will be using the hashtag to view your entries, so without it, we won’t be able to see your photos!

  1. Follow the @OrmsDirect Instagram account.
  2. Mention @OrmsDirect in your description or comments.
  3. Add the #OrmsImpossible hashtag.

You can enter as many Instagram photos as you like, and there is no theme or genre, so go wild! The winning photograph will be chosen by a panel of judges at Orms, and the winner will receive an Impossible Instant Lab and a pack of Impossible Project instant film.

Android users, please note that the Instant Lab is only compatible with iPhones for now. An app and cradles for Android phones will become available in the future.

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The Prize: The Impossible Instant Lab

The Impossible Instant Lab turns your digital photos into real instant film prints! The Instant Lab is essentially an instant film camera with a lens that focusses on your iPhone’s screen.

See it in action:

How it works: Shoot a bunch of photos on your smartphone, select your favourite, edit it in any app and then open the image with the Impossible Project app. Follow the prompts in the app, and then place the phone face down on the Impossible Instant Lab. Open the shutter/darkslide, and then close the shutter when the flash on the phone fires. Push the eject button, wait for the image to develop, and marvel at your analog print! The cradle on the Instant Lab currently only supports iPhones, but more cradles are on their way.

View the microsite for more details!

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The Impossible Instant Lab is compatible with any Impossible Project film:

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Important Dates

  • Monday 7th October 2013: Competition entries open.
  • Monday 21st October 2013 12:00 PM: Competition entries closed.
  • Wednesday 23rd October 2013: The winning photo will be announced.

Terms and Conditions

  • The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 and older.
  • The competition is run on Instagram and entries can only be summited on Instagram.
  • To have a valid entry the contestant needs to do the following:
    1. Follow the @OrmsDirect Instagram account.
    2. Mention @OrmsDirect in your post.
    3. Add the #OrmsImpossible hashtag.
  • More than one photograph per person will be accepted.
  • There is no theme or genre – the competition is open to the photographer’s interpretation.
  • The date that the photograph is or was captured is not important. You can either create a new photograph specifically for the competition, or select one from your personal archive.
  • You may only submit photographs that you have personally created.
  • If we receive too few entries, or the entries received are of poor quality, we reserve the right to extend or cancel the competition.
  • The deadline for photographic submissions is 12:00 PM on Monday 21st October 2013.
  • The winning photograph will be selected by a panel of judges and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 23rd October 2013.
  • All copyrights are retained by the photographer. Orms reserves the right to share the photograph on our marketing platforms for the purposes of promoting the competition.
  • No exchanges or returns available – the prize is awarded as is, and it is not redeemable for cash. iPhone not included.
  • The Impossible Instant Lab is currently only compatible with iPhone 5S/5/4S/4, as well as the iPod touch 5/4.
  • Judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


The #OrmsImpossible Instagram Competition

  1. Hi Orms. Quick question concerning the Ormspossible Instagram competition. I post lots of Instagram images I’ve shot with my DSLR. Do they qualify or do the images have to be shot on a phone? Kind regards, Kam

  2. So you are basically saying that for people who rely on their cellphone cameras are at a disadvantage? I shoot a lot of images on my iPhone and those are the one I will be submitting, but, in order to compete I need to bring in the images shot using my expensive camera and L lenses. Is that correct?

    1. Hi Wayne, not at all – we won’t be specifically looking at sharpness or lighting, so DSLRs shouldn’t have any advantage. We won’t stop people from entering photos on Instagram shot with DSLRs, but we will be looking for spontaneous photos, in other words, instant photography, regardless of the equipment it was shot with.

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