Philip Bloom recently set out to test the true capability of Autofocus in Video. How well does it work really? Can you trust it? In which situations does it work? Let’s find out in the final part of the Rambling Video Autofocus Mega-Test…


Find the “Final Part, The Real World” above. If you missed Part 1 and 2 first watch that below.

British director and cinematographer Philip Bloom is known for his DSLR filmmaking, blog, and workshops and has worked with everyone from Lucasfilm, CNN, Sky to the BBC. He is also rather well known for his camera tests, which often take the form of short films or documentaries. In his latest video, Philip set out to do a mega Autofocus test on a variety of different cameras.

In his latest video series, Philip set out to do what he calls the “Rambling Video Autofocus Mega-Test” on a variety of different cameras. About the project, he says; “Autofocus is starting to actually really work for shooting video and this is a huge step forward for filmmakers like myself especially when shooting with larger sensors, but just how good are they? Can you trust them? In which situation do they work? My series of videos takes a dozen or so cameras and put them through some ridiculous and some not so ridiculous real word tests”.

He continues; “I have been working on this since August and it has taken up a huge amount of time, a large proportion in editing as it is incredibly fiddly! My original plan was to make it one big video but it was too long. What was needed was to break it down into 3 or 4 chunks, so that is what I have done.” And so we present to you Philip Bloom’s epic autofocus in video test series!

Following on from parts 1 & 2, Philip finally gets onto some real-world tests for video autofocus. How do the different cameras and lens combos fare? Let’s find out.

If you missed it…

Part 1: Introduction and First Test

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Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon. In the meantime, if you like to keep up with more from Philip be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel, or stay in touch via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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