Behind the scenes look at the detail that goes into the creation of another incredible series by Australian Fine Art Photographer, Alexia Sinclair titled, “Rococo”.


Alexia Sinclair is an Australian fine art photographer famous for her incredible attention to detail and post-production skills, we’ve featured some of her work on the blog on previous occasions. In 2014, Sinclair embarked on a new series that would span a three year period. “Rococo” is a series of theatrical artworks inspired by the lives, fashions, gardens and motifs of 18th-century high society. Following the design aesthetic of this period, the series is sensual, playful and flamboyant.

Sinclair relocated from Sydney to an acre of fertile land in Australia’s Southern Highlands to grow extensive gardens for the project. In spring of 2014 and 2015 she harvested these gardens to arrange her models in a series of sumptuous flowerbeds onsite in her studio.

Sinclair’s tradition of hand making the elaborate costumes and props within her work can be seen throughout the series, often echoing the exotic flowers and fabrics of the period.

More from her portfolio can be seen here or on her Instagram feed.

The "Rococo" Series by Alexia Sinclair


The "Rococo" Series by Alexia Sinclair