Watch this short film about South African sculptor Dylan Lewis’ Untamed works, featuring great visuals and time-lapse scenes.

Watch this great short film about the extremely talented Stellenbosch-based sculptor Dylan Lewis and his body of work, titled Untamed.

“South African sculptor Dylan Lewis examines our deep biological and psychological connection to the wild; a reminder that every human being is a living museum of our wild origins, related to all other organisms.

With these sculptures, the artist explores two distinct narratives: firstly, the ‘inner wilderness’, those forgotten wild spaces of the human psyche; secondly, the impact of this amnesia on the ‘outer wilderness’ – the remaining wild areas of the planet.

Untamed will be exhibiting in London’s Berkeley Square from July 2013 to January 2014.”

Being familiar with Dylan’s incredible sculptures, it’s really interesting to see a little bit behind the scenes – to see glimpses of his work process and the thought that goes into each project. The video was created by Simon Wood and SaltPeter Productions and filmed using a Canon EOS C100 cinema camera and a Canon 5D Mark II for the time-lapse scenes, which consist of more than 14,000 frames shot over five days.