If you are a keen travel photographer, or even just a keen traveller, we suspect you’ll find Jens Lennartsson’s list of “office” essentials a perfect fit.


Meet Jens Lennartsson, a self-taught commercial travel and lifestyle photographer based in Malmö/Copenhagen. Jens likes to produce his work with a minimum amount of equipment since his philosophy is that there is so much more than to fill your life with things. Like beautiful light, awesome food, and epic friends. Also, he apparently doesn’t like to carry stuff around, fair enough. The solution, a very compact “office” – let’s have a look…

If you are interested in some of Jens equipment:

  1. Camera: FujiFilm X100T, although there are other mirrorless camera options.
  2. Notebook: Leuchturm 1917 Softcover Pocket Blank.
  3. E-reader: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2.
  4. Keyboard: Flyshark Foldable Bluetooth keyboard.
  5. Power Bank: EC Technology 22400mAh 3 USB.
  6. Phone: iPhone 6 64GB


  1. For writing: iA Writer (https://goo.gl/RqH4qo)
  2. For editing pictures: VSCO Cam (https://goo.gl/XdkMqs)
  3. For uploading to blogs: WordPress (https://goo.gl/qm8vBA)

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