We could say many things about 2020, but one thing we can’t say is that it hasn’t been an interesting year for camera releases. Some wild, some wacky, and some just downright jaw-on-the-floor, eyes-bulging amazing. In honour of two releases that fall into the latter category, we’re bringing you the ultimate video showdown of two of the hottest units that came out this year: the Sony A7S III vs Canon R5.

We also tested the Canon R6 for bird photography and, oh man, was it a wild ride. You can catch that full review, jampacked with stacks of sample images and even some video clips, on our YouTube channel.

In this video review of the A7S III and the R5, we break down the following points of comparison between these two powerhouse units.

  • Comparing the stills specifications of both cameras
  • Stills performance: is there any world in which a 12 MP sensor can compete with a 45 MP one?
  • The autofocus performance on the Sony A7S III vs Canon R5
  • Testing the video features (with side-by-side footage examples)
  • C-Log vs S-Log: what is our preference?
  • The in-body stabilisation (again, with more side-by-side comparison goodness to really illustrate the difference)
  • Our general likes and dislikes
  • Addressing the elephant in the room: the R5’s big overheating problem
  • A final roundup: which camera is right for you?

To see the complete direct comparison with stacks of sample images and video clips, you can catch the full video on our YouTube channel.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Babylonstoren for providing this incredible location for our video shoot. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.


We actually did a solo review of it a bit earlier in the year and it absolutely blew our minds. Dare we say it… this could be the camera of the year.

If you’re looking for something perhaps a bit more pocket-friendly than the A7S III but still want to stay in Sony’s lineup, you can check out our review of the A7C. We aren’t entirely convinced that this is the all-rounder Sony claims it is, but it might be the right machine for you!

For those vibing with the comparison format, we did a similar video to try to figure out the difference between the Nikon Z 5 and the Nikon Z6. Spoiler alert: there’s not that much of a difference.

Finally, for those hankering after a different shooting experience, we can highly recommend our review of the Fujifilm X-S10. This is probably the most wildly different camera Fujifilm has brought out in years, and we don’t actually hate the changes they made!