All beginner photographers want to learn how to take beautiful and impactful images. As with any new skill, learning photography can be frustrating in the early stages, especially when you aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong. Lucky for you, Andre, an experienced photographer and one of Orms’ resident gear experts, is here to help!

In this informative video on OrmsTV, the Orms YouTube channel, Andre shares his picks of the 5 biggest mistakes beginner photographers make. The content is based off his personal experience as a newbie image-maker and the struggles he has seen his clients face.

These are the 5 biggest mistakes beginner photographers make, according to an experienced industry professional:

ONE: They lack a full understanding of the technical and creative applications of their basic camera settings.

TWO: They think they can go it alone and avoid group scenarios where they would have the opportunity to interact with other photographers.

THREE: They refuse to publish their work online, show their work to other people, enter photographic competitions or seek any kind of feedback.

FOUR: They fall prey to the notion that the gear makes the photographer, when, in fact, it is generally the opposite.

FIVE: They do unpaid photography jobs or work that “pays in exposure” for significantly longer than is advisable in the industry.


The above points just scratch the surface of the insight and advice Andre shares so generously in the video. We recommend watching whole thing to reap the full benefits of his many years of experience! Find the full video HERE on OrmsTV.

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