Watch as Photographer, Sean Tucker shares a few insights to finding direction in your long term photographic career, starting with paying attention to the photography which really speaks to you…

Another fantastic thought-provoking video by London-based commercial photographer & filmmaker, Sean Tucker. This time Sean shares some thoughts on how to choose the path you’d like to take with regards to your photographic career. Let’s be honest, when you start out there is so much out there. So much inspiration, ideas and styles of photography. Books, videos, Instagram accounts and much much more. All wonderful ways to learn and grow, however as Sean rightly states; “the problem with this approach is if we stay in that space, we end up becoming scattered imitators instead of real innovators. Every photographer that you know and respect is probably known for one thing in particular. There’s going to come a point where we have to ask ourselves; what is the thing that we want to become known for?”

Watch as Sean explores a few questions that can really help you answer that. He also shares a few tips to help you get started and point your career as a photographer in the right direction. You can find more from Sean by subscribing to his YouTube channel, or follow him on any of these social channels: Facebook, Twitter or the Website.

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About this video: Shot at home with a Canon 5Dmkii and a Sigma 24mm f1.4 and a Canon 80D with a Sigma 18:35mm f1.8. Audio captured with a Rode Videomic jacked into a Zoom H1. Lighting was a single Aputure LED panel through a 1m shoot through umbrella.