View these three incredible short documentaries filmed by the legendary Philip Bloom during his visit to South Africa.

British director and filmmaker Philip Bloom, renowned for his pioneering use of video DSLRs, has been in South Africa for the last three weeks, presenting workshops and sharing his knowledge with local photographers and videographers.

However, that’s not all Philip’s been up to; In between his workshops in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, Philip has managed to find the time to shoot, edit and publish three short documentary films – incredible!

Philip’s first film takes a look at the infamous Ponte Tower in Hillbrow, where he recorded the run-down 70s architecture and interviewed a few of the people currently residing there. After finishing up in Joburg, he filmed a short documentary portrait on the projectionist at the classic Labia Theatre in Cape Town, and finally documented the people drinking seawater in Natal.

All three films are extremely well-shot and edited, featuring interesting stories and characters. Philip also shared the in-depth details behind each shoot, including all the equipment he used, in three blog posts, Film 1, Film 2 and Film 3.