Watch Scott Andrews’ time-lapse tribute documenting space shuttle Endeavour’s last journey to the California Science Centre.

Time-lapse photography is a great medium for documenting and telling a story, especially in the case of this time-lapse film featuring the last journey of the decommissioned Endeavour space shuttle.

The film was created by American photographer Scott Andrews, who edited the 6 minute clip together from a total of over 350,000 photos.

Together with Discovery, Atlantis and the prototype Enterprise, Endeavour is one of the four remaining space shuttles, all of which were retired to museum status after 29 years of service when the program came to an end in 2011. The time-lapse documents Endeavour’s journey from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida to its final resting place, the California Science Centre, where it will be on show to the public.

Via Time Lightbox and The Verge.

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