The Sun’s atmosphere as it’s observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft.

This is an incredible time-lapse of the Sun’s atmosphere observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft between 2011 and 2015. The mesmerising footage consists of excerpts of 4K full-disk pictures in extreme ultraviolet channels and offers a glance at spicules, solar flares, filaments and an overview of the sun’s atmosphere.

The footage was captured by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), using wavelengths of 30.4 nm (50,000 Kelvin) partially in combination with 17.1 nm (6.3×105 Kelvin).

Out of interest: “The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) for the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is designed to provide an unprecedented view of the solar corona, taking images that span at least 1.3 solar diameters in multiple wavelengths nearly simultaneously, at a resolution of about 1 arcsec and at a cadence of 10 seconds or better.  The primary goal of the AIA Science Investigation is to use these data, together with data from other SDO instruments and from other observatories, to significantly improve our understanding of the physics behind the activity displayed by the Sun’s atmosphere.” – From Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) website.

Scenes in order of appearance:

1. Long shots of solar activity | October 2013
2. Boiling solar prominence | February 2013
3. Close up active regions | October 2013
4. Launching filament | November 2011
5. Twisting prominence | September 2012
6. Close up solar activity | October 2014
7. Solar prominence | July 2013
8. Lunar transit | January 2014
9. Solar prominence dance | December 2012
10. Solar activity | October 2013
11. Plasma eruption | September 2012
12. Coronal rain | July 2012
13. Close up active regions | October 2013
14. Trebuchet eruption | February 2011
15. Solar prominence | October 2013
16. Venus transit | June 2012
17. Extreme solar eruption | June 2011
18. Filament eruption & ’canyon of fire’ | September 2013
19. Erupting solar filament | March 2015
20. Comet ’lovejoy’ passes sun | December 2011
21. Earth eclipse and dark prominence | September 2012

Music: Una by Murcof
Taken form the Album Utopía (2004) | CD: BAY 38CD, Digital: BAY 38E

Images courtesy of: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Scientific Visualization Studio |

Editing: Michael König |

Shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial licence.  (Via Vimeo)

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Edited Time-Lapse Sequences of the Sun’s Atmosphere

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