Milton Tan’s “The Air Traffic” is a striking time-lapse video created from long-exposure photos of flying passenger jets.

The combination of a beautiful location, colourful night skies, stars and light trails left by passenger jets results in a very striking time-lapse film by Milton Tan.

Milton stumbled upon the idea for The Air Traffic by accident, after capturing the trail of a jet while photographing lightning near Singapore’s Changi Airport.

“One night while shooting a time-lapse of lightning going off in the sky during a storm from my living room’s window, I noticed little streaks of light moving across the frame.

“Living about a 10-minute drive away from the airport, the streaks of light were none other than airplanes flying to and from the airport. Then it struck me – To do a whole time-lapse short film dedicated to airplanes flying at night.”

The resulting time-lapse is incredible – great work, Milton! Each frame is shot for around 8-15 seconds using Canon gear, with post-processing done in Adobe Lightroom and the edit done using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Via PetaPixel.

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