New York-based photographer, Jami Saunders shares her philosophy on lighting for baby photography, prop use, capturing those special moments and so much more.

Babies, as you might already know, can be quite difficult to photograph. They need time to sleep, feed, cry… the list goes on, not to mention you (as a stranger), can be rather scary if you pointing a big fat camera at them. Tamron caught up with New York-based professional photographer, Jami Saunders at one of her baby shoots to get a few Tips for Photographing a Baby. Jami walks us through the shoot, and while doing so shares her philosophy on lighting, prop use, capturing those special moments and so much more.

In this shoot Jami used the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens and the Tamron 90mm Macro Lens. Jami also used some studio lighting for this shoot, we have a large variety of studio lighting options available at Orms Direct, as well as a selection of softboxes and studio umbrellas.

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Tips for Photographing a Baby

  1. Surely the article should carry a “Don’t try this at home if you are over 30” warning ?
    Using eye-level to record infants / animals when they are at the same level as you ?
    This is one of the PRIME reasons to use a cam with articulated screen…. or you put the child on a table ….

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