We join Izy Hossack from “Toped With Cinnamon” for a few quick and easy food photography and styling tips.

To kick off this stunning Monday morning we join Ben, from SORTED food and 19 year old Londoner, Izy Hossack from Toped With Cinnamon, to get a few tips on food photography and styling. If you’re not familiar with Izy’s work, she runs a stunning food blog with mouth-watering recipes. In 2014 she also published her first book, “Toped With Cinnamon”.

In the video Izy talks about her typical approach, covering everything from lighting to camera settings – plus a few extra tips. If you’re keen to be part of a fantastic food community on YouTube make sure you subscribe to SORTED food, their channel is packed with great recipes and more. Make sure you also stay in touch with Izy via her blog – Toped With Cinnamon.

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