Photographer Sean Tucker shares a few insights with regards to dealing with internet criticism and online trolling when you’re starting out in photography, or indeed in any creative field where you’re putting yourself out there.


We’ve talked about how to take criticism and use it to improve as a photographer in a previous post here on Orms Connect, and the topic has come up again in a recent video by photographer Sean Tucker. You might remember Sean as we shared his “Landscape Photography Tutorial: Snowdonia” video a few weeks back, as it goes whenever one shares something online, soon after posting the video the internet trolls started dishing out their opinions.

In an effort to help other photographers and creatives who have started posting their work online, Tucker posted a 5-minute video earlier this week and shared a few tips on how one can deal with Internet criticism and not allow it to kill your creativity or confidence. Tucker states, “The main thing you need to remember about trolls is that they’re attracted to good work. Trolls are always attracted to crowds, and crowds online gather around good work.” He continues, “So if you’re being attacked, you’re already doing something right.” Tucker argues that trolls are simply armchair critics who try to feel better about themselves and their own work by bringing others down. “Creatively and constructively help others get better at what they do, even if they’re already ahead of you,” says Tucker. “That’s the mark of a mature artist.”

In the words of Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk, “It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.”

Out of interest, Sean shot the video on his Sony RX100 IV. Watch more of from Sean and subscribe to his YouTube channel, or follow him on any of these social channels: FacebookTwitter or the Website.

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(via Sean Tucker via PetaPixel)