Ted Forbes discusses a few key tools needed for Black and White Film Photography. Including film options, using a light meter and learning from the masters.

In today’s look at film photography, we decided to share another very interesting video by Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography.  Ted discusses a few important tools for Black and White film photography. Amongst those; the value of using a light meter and a few key books on Black and White film photography by masters such as Ansel Adams. Finally, a look at Black and White Film options. This is really handy, especially if you are just starting out in film photography as it could be rather daunting knowing what to use.

We stock quite a few of the film options Ted mentions in this video, you’ll find a link to those below:

  • Ilford Delta 100 (available in 35mm and 120mm)
  • Ilford Delta 400 (available in 35mm and 120mm)
  • Ilford FP 4 (available in 35mm and 120mm)
  • Ilford HP 5 (available in 35mm and 120mm)
  • Ilford XP 2 Super 400
  • Ilford PANF 50 Plus (120mm)
  • Kodak TX 400
  • Kodak T-MAX 160
  • Kodak TX 100NOTE: Some of these aren’t loaded on the website, however we do usually have in stock.  Please phone Orms Cape Town on 021 469 1977 for more information.

Watch more of Ted’s videos on the The Art of Photography YouTube channel, or by following him on any of the following social channels: TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest or the Website.

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