Watch as Ted shares his top 10 photography books of 2016. My, my, wouldn’t I just love to get my hands on a copy of a few of these!


Many of you are already familiar with Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography, he has a fantastic channel over on YouTube with a wealth of photographic knowledge to share. In this episode, Ted shares his top 10 photography books of 2016. This is quite a selection and certainly one not to be missed for those of you who like collecting photographic books. I have to say there’s at least a few of these I would personally LOVE to get my hands on! So let’s take a look…

In order of appearance:
Looking For the Master’s In Ricardo’s Golden Shoes
Lartigue: Life In Color 
The Decisive Moment (Cartier-Bresson)
Magnitude, Solitude (Dave Heath)
La Strada (Italian Street Photography)
That Day (Laura Wilson)
Avedon At Work (Laura Wilson)
From Uncertain To Blue (Keith Carter)
Eyes To Fly With (Graciela Iturbide)
The City Is A Novel (Alexey Titarenko)

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