Landscape Photographer, Craig McCormick shares his top 5 menu tweaks for your DSLR. Take a look…


Many of us are guilty of under utilising our DSLR’s, especially when it comes to the menu options available to us. In this video Shanghai-based landscape and travel photographer, Craig McCormick recorded his Top 5 menu tweaks for your DSLR. We thought there’s certainly a few of you out there who might find this bit of information beneficial. If you’ve got a menu tweak that you really like or helps speed up your workflow, put it in the comments below!

Craig’s Top 5 Menu Tweaks:

1. ISO Expansion to get ISO 50.
2. Auto rotate in computer only.
3. Grid overlays in LiveView mode.
4. Highlight warning on.
5. The custom “My Menu”.
6. Bracket sequencing -,0,+

Craig McCormick has a great YouTube channel packed with fantastic photography tips and reviews, so be sure to subscribe if you get a chance. You can also follow Craig on his website or any of the following social channels: FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or on Flickr.

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