Landscape Photographer, Craig McCormick shares his Top 5 Mistakes when starting out in Photography. Take a look…

We all have to start out somewhere with our photography, and mistakes will be made! But isn’t it handy if we could learn from others and perhaps avoid some of the big ones? Shanghai-based landscape and travel photographer, Craig McCormick recorded his Top 5 mistakes when he started out in photography. We thought there’s certainly a few of you out there who might find this bit of information beneficial. Craig not only looks at these mistakes, he also gives a few tips on what you can do to correct them.

Craig’s Top 5 Photography Mistakes in Short:

1. Shooting at the wrong time of day.
2. Buying cheap card readers and cheap memory cards.
3. Shooting in JPEG format instead of RAW if you can.
4. Not knowing my camera and it’s settings well enough.
5. Understanding your cameras limitations and what it’s capable of doing.
6. Understanding composition.

Craig McCormick has a great YouTube channel packed with fantastic photography tips and reviews, so be sure to subscribe if you get a chance. You can also follow Craig on his website or any of the following social channels: FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or on Flickr.

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