Watch the trailer for Behind Paradise, an upcoming film documenting the rise in crime in Hout Bay, as well as the politics involved.

Behind Paradise is an upcoming documentary film covering the rise in violent crimes in the leafy suburb of Hout Bay, created by Cape Town-based photographer and filmmaker Gordon Clark.

Watch the trailer:

The 42 minute documentary film will debut in the middle of April, and according to the official description, the movie “explores the reality of a country under siege by organised crime and let down by the authorities – authorities making vast promises to win your vote just a month later.”

Speaking to Gordon about the film, he said: “We welcome positive and negative feedback – we do live in a democracy after all.”

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Trailer: Behind Paradise By Gordon Clark

  1. 620 burglaries is the same as every other suburban area of the same size in cape town or anywhere else in SA for that matter. Look it up on crime stats SA chop

    1. James, are you trying to justify this level of crime with your stupid comment! These are not simply innocent burglaries where someone is stealing a loaf of bread, they are organized, violent and vicious attacks on innocent, law-abiding citizens. Why must we live like this?

      In the 70s, 80s and early 90s Hout Bay used to be a beautiful, safe suburb … now I wouldn’t live there if you paid me! Many friends who have lived there have sold while they still could.

    2. You are plain simply wrong. Hout Bay was at one stage before JHB!!
      So before you throw comments out there and make a fool of your self go to crime stats SA chop!

  2. I’ve lived in Hout Bay for four years now and haven’t had the slightest incident. I guess I’m lucky. Alegro, I wouldn’t pay you to live in Hout Bay either, you sound like the film makers. Sensationalist and ready to panic ‘button’ when someone rings your doorbell. This movie was made for image and profit, not for the care of the citizens of Hout Bay.

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