Portraits of beautifully designed film cameras, including a Nikon F3 with motor-drive, taken by London-based photographer Julian Calverley.

These portraits of beautiful film cameras were taken by British photographer Julian Calverley.

Julian explains: “We’ve recently been shooting various elements for a promo piece, including some of my treasured cameras.” And the cameras aren’t just for show either, judging by Julian’s excellent portfolio of work. Visit his website and take a look at his projects on Behance – it’s well worth it!

Which camera would you grab? We’re quite partial to the ALPA SWA, a medium format camera optimised for wide-angle lenses, perfect for sweeping landscapes or architecture. That said, the motor-drive equipped Nikon F3 beckons as well…

Julian Calverley 02

Nikon F3 with motor-drive

Julian Calverley 03

Ebony Ti SV45TE

Julian Calverley 04


Julian Calverley 05

Contax 645

Julian Calverley 06

Nikon F2A

Julian Calverley 07


Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence.