In today’s Photoshop video tutorial, Manfred Werner shows you how to get the most out of your model’s eyes.

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Please note: This video is suitable for advanced and intermediate Photoshop users!

In this video tutorial, I will show you some more general fixes on the eyes, and how to apply more sharpness to the pupils. First off, we will create a new layer, through the master shortcut “Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+E”. Once we have done that we will use our healing brush tool to remove the veins. After that we will duplicate our layer and run a high pass filter over our eyes. Then we will change our layer blending options and create a hidden mask out of it. Last step, we will be brushing back our filter and grouping our layers again.

Quick reminder: When working with the healing brush, keep on changing your brush sizes frequently.

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Tutorial: Eyes – General Fixes & Sharpness

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