In this photoshop tutorial we look at how to lighten up the dark shadow areas of you image to get more detail, without loss in the highlights.


Find yourself struggling with those pesky shadows? Well, the good news is we have a great little tutorial here for you today by Aaron Nace at Phlearn, that’s going to take care of those for you. With “how to fix dark shadows in photoshop” Aaron demonstrates how you can bring out, or lighten those dark areas of your image so you can see more detail, without actually having an effect on your highlights. In addition to that, Aaron looks at two different methods of achieving this – using levels and curves vs. shadows and highlights feature. Take a look…

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Tutorial: How to Fix Dark Shadows in Photoshop

  1. It would have been better to show how to light properly in the first place. The residual haloing on this example is unacceptable and the whole idea of using Photoshop to fix basic and very obvious mistakes promotes the idea that Photoshop can fix most things. This example shows that it can’t at this level. It’s not like the photographer might run out of Polaroids mid-shoot. 🙁

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