In today’s Photoshop video tutorial, Manfred Werner shares a quick and easy method to whiten your infinity backdrop.

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An infinity wall or backdrop is commonly used in studio portraiture and product shots. It’s great for isolating your subject on a white background, but requires some work in post production to get completely cleaned up and consistently white. Using pieces of paper taped together and curved, you can create your own infinity wall at home (for example, if you are taking photos of items you want to auction online) and below is a quick tutorial to clean up the backdrop! – Ed.

In this video tutorial, I will show you a quick filter technique, to clean up your infinity wall on your studio images. First of all, we will start of with a new retouching layer and keep it as a Smart Object. This step is very important, due to that we will go back later and tweak our filter again. After we have created our new layer, we will go to
filters and select the median filter effect to blur our background. Once we have applied the new filter, we’ll create a mask and only paint back our subject.

Quick reminder: When working with the median filter, be sure to find the right blurring amount for your image!

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