Learn how to realistically change the colour of an object in a photograph, such as a shirt, with this video tutorial.

Welcome to our new Tutorial Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, Manfred Werner will be sharing a video tutorial focussing on retouching techniques, tips, tricks, and workflows for Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom. Visit Manfred’s website or follow @Manniphoto on Twitter.

Please note: This video tutorial requires no advanced Photoshop skills.

In this video tutorial, I will show you a technique on how to change the colour of a shirt with a new fill layer. First up, I will show you how to use the quick selection tool and make a selection around your object, and secondly, fill it with color and arrange the blending modes.

Once we’ve done that, I will take the brush tool, arrange the brush size via the tool menu (or via a Wacom graphics tablet), switch the foreground colors back to black and white and start brushing out our mistakes.

After brushing, have one final inspection and your new fill layer should be complete. If you’re not 100% happy with your outcome, don’t forget you can always tweak your color and mask afterwards.

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Tutorial: New Colour With A Fill Layer

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