In today’s video tutorial, Manfred Werner will show you how to use basic tools in Photoshop, including Move, Guides & Marquee.

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Please note: This video tutorial requires no advanced Photoshop skills.

This video tutorial you will be seeing the first part of Photoshop Basics & Tools.
First up, I will discuss some basic points and introduce you to the first photoshop tool, the Move Tool. Secondly, I will introduce you to the ruler system and show you how to apply guides using the move tool. In between of that, I will also show you all sorts of shortcuts that I use within these tools to speed up my workflow. Once we are done with that, I will go over to the marquee tools and show you how to create different selections with the rectangular & elliptical marquee tool. Once we’ve created the selections, I will also show you how to work with them and how to use them in many different ways!

Please note: All selections are editable and have more options via the right click button. Leave a comment below if you have any questions!


Tutorial: Photoshop Basics & Tools – 1

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