We recently shared great time-slice photos. In today’s tutorial, Manfred Werner shows you how to create your own sliced photos.

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Remember our previous post on Richard Silver’s great time-slice photos? In today’s video tutorial, Manfred will show you a quick and easy masking technique to get a sliced photo effect in Photoshop.

First of all, you will need to open Photoshop and import all your different exposures into one canvas and order your layer. Once you’ve done that, your ready to start the masking technique! Together we will then apply hidden layer masks to all our layers. Once we are done we will go over to the ruler section and apply guide lines to our canvas. These will help us speedup our masking workflow. We will then take our rectangular marquee tool and create specific selections and delete these certain selections from our hidden masks. Once we are done with our deleting process, we will group all layers and create a master layer to keep our psd file clean.



Quick reminder: Don’t forget to select your hidden mask on your layer, before deleting your selection.