In this Wednesdays tutorial, Manfred Werner shows you how to make use of the Healing Brush toolset to retouch photographs.

Learn essential retouching and post production skills each Wednesday, right here on Orms Connect. Tutorial Wednesdays are brought to you by Manfred Werner.

Please note: This video tutorial requires no advanced photoshop skills.

In this video tutorial I will show you a technique on how to work with the healing brush set. I will also show you how I combine the clone stamp tool with the healing brush set. First up, I will quickly introduce you to the Healing Brush set. Secondly I will select the spot healing brush tool and start healing out an object. Once we are done with that, I’ll select the second healing brush tool ( healing brush ) and start healing out some new objects. Please note: Working with Spot healing brush tool requires no other action. Working with the Healing brush tool requires option-click to define a source point, before healing. Thirdly, I show you how I combine the clone stamp tool and the healing brush tool for one task. After that i’ll be showing you how to work with the patch tool and once more the clone stamp tool.

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