Hungry for some inspiration? Don’t miss the Cape Town School of Photography’s exhibition opening on Thursday!

Article by Sandra Maytham-Bailey, a photographer and lecturer.

The Cape Town School of Photography opens yet another beautiful exhibition of student work on Thursday 18 September, at 18h00. This term’s work will showcase a variety of visual explorations around the body, beauty culture, the social environment, and self-portraiture.

The school is well known for showcasing their student work at the end of each term and this term sees a special focus on the full-time student work. Asked why it’s important to exhibit this work, Fiona Hoadley, Director of the Cape Town School of Photography said: “We’ve chosen to exhibit this work to continue to introduce you to the next generation of photographers and their exciting and different approach to photography. It is important for them to exhibit, to expand their appreciation of their work, to place their images in the context of photography’s evolvement, and the artist’s culture. Most importantly, exhibiting is about inspiration and growth. It is through this engagement that we expand our knowledge and insight so that our early exploration into photography becomes informative, evaluative, and above all useful. And we love having visitors in our space!”

The exhibition opens on Thursday evening at 18:00 at the CTSP, 4th Floor, 62 Roeland Street, and forms part of the Creative Cape Town calendar of events for Creative Week.