View these amazing artworks created by Natascha Petersmann from Map Lovers, featuring lighting built into the frames.

In September, we featured local artist and designer Natascha Petersmann’s incredible Map Lovers artworks, which combine illustrated and photographic images with map overlays printed on perspex or glass. This creates a brilliant layered effect, which is even more noticeable when viewing the works in person.

Map Lovers 02

Natascha recently brought in two new projects for us to frame, which include edge lighting built into the artwork, resulting in a very striking effect! Take a look at the two works below, and view more of Natascha’s work on the Map Lovers website.

Map Lovers 03

In total darkness:

Map Lovers 04

The following work includes a switch to cycle between various colours:

Map Lovers 05 Map Lovers 10 Map Lovers 09 Map Lovers 08 Map Lovers 07 Map Lovers 06