Leading lines are one the simplest and most powerful ideas in composition. Learn how to use them to grab your viewers’ attention and direct it to the visual payoff in your photos.


You might remember Joshua Cripps, we’ve shared a few of his videos last year, including: “7 Powerful Photography Tips”“Understanding the Histogram” and “Get Sharp Focus from Front to Back”. Today, we join Joshua again as he explains how to “Use Leading Lines to Improve Your Photos”.

Leading lines are one of the simplest ideas in composition, but also one of the most important. In the most basic terms, leading lines point the viewer towards an important element in the photograph. This could be a river curving towards a beautiful mountain, or a fence leading your eye down a beautiful valley.  Joshua explains how leading lines work, why they are important and shows examples of different natural elements that can be used as leading lines in your image.  Let’s take a look…

If you’d like to see more from Joshua, tune into Professional Photography Tips on YouTube.

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