Guest Post: Photographer Russell Smith shares his experience of giving back to the community through his camera.

The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) is a Non-Profit Organisation that is dedicated to feeding school children and relieving hunger. They have been providing meals for children in primary and secondary schools across the Western Province including the distant rural areas for over 50 years.

My colleague and I had a conversation a little while ago about their need to photographically document the positive benefits of the work of the organisation. On my first visit to Vuyani Primary school, a new kitchen had just been built as a direct result of the efforts of the PSFA. I was really moved by all the kids and their smiling faces as they received their meals. Most of the women working in the kitchen are volunteers and help make the food and serve it to long lines of patient children waiting for often their only meal of the day.

Living in South Africa, it is a reality that there are so many people who are much less fortunate then ourselves that are dependent on the kindness of organisations like the PSFA. This was my motivation to help out, in my own way, through photography. I am very fortunate to be able to make a living from my passion and I believe that through our special skill sets we should try and give back. Images inspire, motivate and can cause emotions and reactions in people that can promote charities and good causes in so many positive ways. Non-profits like the PSFA require fundraising and our images can help. Beyond the good it will do, it helps give my profession and life more meaning.

My collaboration with organisations like PSFA help me as much as it helps them.

I encourage you to find a good cause that you can partner with and share your skill.

Written by Russell Smith. Originally appeared on his blog.

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