Enjoy two videos shot with Phantom cameras at high speed – faster than 1000 frames per second.

There’s been a recent trend in the world of videohigh speed footage at frame rates in excess of 1000 frames per second. While popular shows like Mythbusters have been using high speed cameras for years, the footage from those cameras were typically in standard definition, and the cameras themselves were marketed towards the scientific fields (read: unaffordable). In recent years however, more and more high speed cameras have been created and marketed towards film makers (read: slightly less unaffordable). Vision Research’s range of Phantom cameras are one example. Their flagship product, the Phantom Flex, can take 1080p HD footage at approximately 2800 frames per second. The resulting videos produced by these cameras are always interesting to watch. In case you missed two recent viral videos shot in high speed, we’ve embedded them below. Enjoy.

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Video: High Speed With Phantom Cameras

  1. WOW!!!!!…Super Cool Technology..Thank You for that. Everyone should watch this. Hope that we see commercial cameras with this capability soon. The way Technology is going, I think we in for more surprises soon. Kids need to see this at schools preparing the mind for creativity in years to come. JUST LOVE IT THANKS!!!

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