Watch the new If Not Why Not Media showreel, featuring great footage of South African events and scenery captured in the last 2 years.

Capetonian production company If Not Why Not Media recently released their 2014 showreel, which compiles their best footage from the last two years.

The video features a variety of shooting styles, including aerial and time-lapse photography, and besides exhibiting the collective’s work, it also showcases great South African moments and scenery. “This is basically 2 years of hard work and over 100 productions packed into 4 minutes.”


Aerial Shots by:
Big Bird Aerial Cinematography
Darkwing Aerial Cinematography

Tash Montlake
Dan Mace
Gareth Kaatse
Jurgen Painswyk
Sean Eddy
Jane Jane
J’dee Allin
Dan Walsh
Nick Burton-Moore
Keenan Ferguson

Edited by:
Tash Montlake

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