Zack Arias is back with another motivational video for photographers, dealing with mastering your craft and minimising distractions.

In August 2011, we posted a very motivational video by American photographer Zack Arias called Edit: Transform, which dealt with the mental and emotional problems of working as a freelance photographer and served as an inspiration to those second-guessing themselves.

Well, Zack is back with another one. This time he talks about minimising the so-called ‘noise’ that distracts photographers, and finding the ‘signal’ – focussing on the important things and mastering your craft. Besides the short film, he’s also written an accompanying guest post on Scott Kelby’s blog, offering some advice on how to deal with noise.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Via PetaPixel & Scott Kelby.

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Video: Signal & Noise By Zack Arias

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