Need some Friday visual inspiration? Watch this beautifully filmed Mercedes Benz promo featuring downhill skater Decio Lourenco.

Remember the GoPro video of the downhill skateboarder that tripped the speed camera on Kloof Nek Road? Well, he’s back in the latest promotional video for Mercedes Benz’ new A45 AMG hot hatchback.

The beautifully filmed video pits Decio Lourenco, the 24 year old downhill skater, against the Robbi Smith new Mercedes Benz A45 AMG in a mock race along the Franschhoek Pass. The amazing slow-motion shots were accomplished using a Phantom Flex camera – view more incredible Phantom videos. Read more about the production on the official MBLife website.


Directed by Luke Apteker.
Filmed by Cale Jansen.
Phantom camera operated by Karl Schmidt.
Aerial photography by Dean Engela and Tommy Gunn.
Time-lapse photography by Rory Allen.
Edited by Matthew Swanepoel.

Via MBLife.


Video: Silver Slipstreams By Luke Apteker

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