This is a brilliant little film by Dan Mace, for all of you creators out there – this is a must see!

This one has been doing the rounds over the last few days and with good reason, Dan Mace (if you are not already familiar with his work) is a very talented Cape Town-based director, filmmaker and YouTuber. In his latest video, Dan essentially built a vlogging camera from the 80’s and proceded to vlog his way around Cape Town the way you might do with your phone or a small handheld camera. Why you might ask, well, the message is simple – get out there and create, regardless of the equipment you have at your disposal – and we couldn’t agree more!

As Dan rightly states; “I think it’s a good excuse, I think it’s an easy excuse to use the fact that we don’t have the tools we need to be able to shoot something. And that’s ridiculous because I understand that being a creator myself the most difficult part is actually getting out there and creating a film. It doesn’t matter what other people think, it doesn’t matter if they say the quality isn’t good enough. It’s about getting your idea out there and getting your voice heard. I guess I created this video so that I can inspire content creators just to create more, that’s all. Just get out your phone, get out your DSLR, get out your drone, your GoPro – whatever it may be, and just shoot your ideas, stop making excuses.” 

So there you have it guys, get out there and just create! If you’d like to keep up with more from Dan be sure to head on over to his YouTube channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button while you’re there. You can also find him on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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Vlogging in the Past, by Dan Mace

  1. Flying out to the DRC in March to shoot a humanitarian film one camera and a
    lot of self-doubt.

    This morning I saw your inspirational video… I know I
    must give it my best shot and make a difference in people’s lives.

    Thank you Dan.

    If you are in Jozi later this year please come inspire our
    Journalism students at Monash S.A

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