Stuck inside thanks to the rainy weather? Watch this inspirational short documentary about classic photographer Jay Maisel.

If you’re in Cape Town right now, you’re probably indoors with no plans on going out to shoot anytime soon. So, get comfortably and watch this inspirational 7 minute documentary about Jay Maisel instead.

Jay has been shooting for almost 60 years, and as such he has a lot of wisdom to share in the Emmy award winning short film, which was created by The Big Picture. One of his thoughts that stood out to us is the idea that photographs consist of three elements: light, gesture and colour. “It’s the light that attracts you – the thing that’s happening in the light, the quality of the colour that you shoot with, and the gesture is what comes to you.”

The video also features acclaimed photographer Greg Heissler – we’ve also featured some great videos where he shares lighting setups and his own inspiring thoughts on photography.

One more snippet of wisdom from Jay:

“Any picture that I’ve done that’s really worth anything, I’ve been terrified the entire time I was shooting it. If you’re not scared that you’re going to lose it, it ain’t that great a picture.”

Via FStoppers’ The Best Way to Improve Your Images – For Free.

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