Must watch: Thanks to researchers at Microsoft, you’ll soon be able to create awesome hyperlapse videos from your GoPro footage.

Head-mounted action cameras like the GoPro Hero3+ are a great way to record your activities, wether it’s skydiving, surfing or simply riding your bike down the street.

However, unless you’re a skilled editor or something truly incredible happens during filming, these videos from helmet cams are often too long to be usable on their own – you can normally only cut out interesting bits and use them in other videos. Luckily, researchers at Microsoft have come up with an ingenious solution for creating hyper-lapse videos from your footage, allowing you to showcase your bike ride as an awesome stead-cam-like swoop through the city.

The best part is that it’s all automated – the software will automatically detect the optimal path and angle for the ‘camera’ and render missing parts of the frame from other photos in the video. All you need to do is add your footage, in theory anyway, as the researchers are pushing hard to include the feature in future versions of Microsoft software.

Via PetaPixel. Read more about the project and watch the additional video on the Microsoft Research website.