Watch this: The inspirational success story of Clark Little, a photographer specialising in taking photos of waves.

Clark Little is an American photographer that specialises in taking mind-blowing photographs of waves – from glassy, crystal clear barrels to massively powerful shorebreaks.

How does he get these amazing angles? By putting his body on the line, and diving straight into the waves. Or even worse, just waiting for them to hit him, all in the name of getting the best angle for a photo – and the results speak for themselves.

Watch this video by The Inertia to learn more about Clark and his inspiring photography:

Clark started off shooting with a compact Canon camera in an underwater housing, and he’s only been at it since 2007 – a remarkably short time within which he’s perfected his craft. The original inspiration came when his wife wanted to decorate their home with a photo of their local wave, the famous Waimea shorebreak. Being a surfer, he decided to go get the shot himself instead of sourcing it from a photography, and the rest is history!

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