Yesterday afternoon we arrived at Las Vegas for the DIMA/PMA (Photographic Marketing Association) conference.

Hello everyone, we hope that you guys had a great holiday break and a fantastic new year so far!

Yesterday afternoon we arrived at Las Vegas for the DIMA/PMA (Digital Imaging and Photographic Marketing Associations) conference, where we will be joining thousands of others in the photographic industry to catch up on the latest trends in the business. The conference will be running until Thursday.

Next week will also see the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, being hosted here in Vegas. CES is one of the largest gatherings of companies and organisations in the electronics and consumer technology industries, most of whom will be announcing new products and never-before-seen technologies.

During breaks in our conference schedule, we will be at CES taking a look at these new gadgets, including the latest cameras. We are eager to get our hands onΒ Nikon’s new D4 flagship DSLR –Β we’ll post some photographs, video and impressions. We’ll also be on the lookout for other interesting electronics and software aimed at the photographic industry, and will share any gems that we find!

Please remember that we are currently 10 hours behind South Africa, and as such most of what we share will pop up in your feeds during nighttime. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages in the morning to see what we’ve shared.

For those that have been missing our regular photographic and gear related posts, we are looking forward to resuming regular scheduling once we return to Cape Town next week!