Since the release of the industry-altering A7S II in 2015, its second act follow-up, the Sony A7S III, has been the most anticipated mirrorless camera among those in the videographic community. Speculation about its release date and potential features have dominated the gear rumour mill for the last five years as video shooters excitedly awaited its arrival.

Last month, our OrmsTV team FINALLY got their hands on an A7S III demo unit for some comprehensive testing. We figured that a release of this magnitude demanded a pretty special location to serve as the backdrop for our exclusive video review, so we partnered with the magnificent Two Oceans Aquarium for this shoot. (Spoiler alert: it was an incredible experience and possibly our all-time favourite on-location filming session!)

Our hands-on video review of the Sony A7S III covers the following:

  • An overview of the Sony A7S III’s stills specs
  • A detailed breakdown of its video features
  • The differences between the A7S III and the A7S II
  • Testing of the A7S III’s photography performance (with LOTS of sample images)
  • Testing of the Sony A7S III’s video features, including S-Log video footage, AF performance tests and low light shots
  • Andre’s conclusion: Is this the camera of the year in 2020?
  • Deon’s conclusion: The A7S III is a video BEAST

You can catch the full video review over on our YouTube channel, OrmsTV.

We cannot thank the Two Oceans Aquarium enough for so generously hosting us during this shoot. It is a truly magical venue and exploring it was a memorable experience for which we will always be grateful. You can find out more about the incredible work the Aquarium does on their socials below.


Right before we reviewed the A7S III, we also had the opportunity to test the Canon EOS R6’s bird photography capabilities at the stunning Intaka Island wetlands just outside of Cape Town. You can find that full video review on our YouTube channel.

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