Trip to Japan: Take a peek inside the Sendai Nikon manufacturing plant, where Nikon makes their D4S, Df, and D800 DSLRs.

This week, Jason Ormrod was lucky enough to visit Japan for a few days with Nikon South Africa!

Sendai Nikon 01

A group portrait of the visitors to Sendai Nikon.

During the trip, Jason got to see the Sendai Nikon manufacturing plant, where Nikon’s flagship SLRs and DSLRs are produced. Back in the day, Sendai Nikon produced Nikon F series cameras, including the F6, and these days they manufacture the new Nikon D4SNikon Df and Nikon D800 DSLRs.

Jason added: “A special thanks to Stefan van der Walt and the team from Premium Brands for an amazing experience and opportunity to meet our manufacturers. The trip was well organized and filled with memorable activities that we will cherish forever.”

Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t take photos during his visit to the plant, but Nikon did supply some photos taken inside the facility – apologies for the graininess in the images, we scanned them from a brochure.

A look at Sendai Nikon


An aerial view of Sendai Nikon.

Sendai Nikon 03

Shutter assembly line.

Sendai Nikon 04

The electrical component auto mounting machine.

Sendai Nikon 05

Sendai Nikon 06

Plastic mold injection.

Sendai Nikon 07Sendai Nikon 08

Bayonet mount assembly line.

Sendai Nikon 09Sendai Nikon 10

Technical training.

A taste of Japan

While in Japan, Jason also managed to capture the amazing sights and experiences, and shared a selection of photos on Instagram. Take a look: