Watch this full length documentary if you have the time this weekend – it’s free to stream from Vimeo.

While browsing Vimeo’s staff picks last night, I came across a new full length documentary called PressPausePlay, and decided to watch a few minutes to see what it’s about. One hour and 21 minutes later, I realised that I had watched what is probably one of the best documentaries about the contemporary creative industry.

PressPausePlay mainly looks at the current and future states of music, film and graphic design, but the concepts can be equally applied to photography. Such as the fact that technology has placed inexpensive cameras and computers in the hands of more potential creatives than ever before, and that humanity is on the verge of a global creative explosion, or a potential cultural collapse. It’s both an exciting and scary time to live in. Not only is the message interesting, the film has been shot incredibly well, and the editing is pure genius.

If you have time for a movie this weekend, watch PressPausePlay – after all, it’s free to stream it from Vimeo.