In this video photographer and filmmaker, Sean Tucker shares his journey with photography, what he’s learned about jumping into freelancing and struggling through some hard times.


This is definitely one for those of you just starting out in photography or filmmaking. Watch as we join London-based commercial photographer & filmmaker, Sean Tucker; “I recently took a long weekend to head up to the Lake District in Cumbria. The idea was to just enjoy the scenery and shoot for fun on my Fuji X100 and my iPhone. I also took the time to make this video to share my journey with photography and what I learned about jumping into freelancing, and how I had to struggle through some hard times.”

We’ve all started somewhere and often the expectation is somewhat different than the reality. We might not always land the jobs we wanted or it might take a little longer than we expected. But at the end of the day, it’s down to you sticking with it. Keep chipping away, keep putting yourself out there, you’ll make mistakes and that’s fine. Just keep learning. Sean talks about all of this and shares so much more to encourage you on your own photographic journey. If you enjoy this video you can find more from Sean by subscribing to his YouTube channel or follow him on any of these social channels: FacebookTwitter, Instagram or the Website.

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Out of interest, the gear used to film this episode included: The Canon 80D with Sigma 18-35mm f1.8, Canon 5Dmk ii with Sigma 24mm f1.4, Phantom 3 Standard and the GoPro Hero5.

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