See how photographer Jared Platt compares the Profoto Freeze Mode vs regular studio lighting speeds.

We thought you might find this interesting, what’s different when you shooting in freeze mode? Photographer Jared Platt compares shooting with and without Freeze Mode activated on his flash. He compares the speed of a normal studio flash to that of the Profoto B2.

Basically the B2 boasts recycling times from 0.03 – 1.35 sec., and an action-stopping flash duration of 1/1,000 sec. When in Freeze Mode that selects a flash duration of 1/15,000 sec. at lower power settings – fast enough to “freeze” water droplets, spray and splashes. Bursts of up to 20 frames per second are possible while High Speed Sync allows shutter sync speeds from 1/4,000 – 1/8,000 sec that leaves you with wide ambient light control options.

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